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stand up for workers

As a candidate for elected office in Illinois, I pledge to support the Workers Rights Amendment to protect workers’ rights to make their workplaces safer, fight for better pay, and get access to the training they need.

All workers deserve the freedom to negotiate a fair wage and collectively bargain to make their workplaces safer. As attacks on workers have escalated across the country, the Workers Rights Amendment would ensure that the rights of all workers in Illinois are protected by the state constitution.

The Workers’ Rights Amendment ensures workers can speak out about dangerous situations that put all Illinoisans at risk. I support the rights of nurses to put patients ahead of profits, firefighters to have the safety equipment they need, and all workers to be able to speak out about unsafe conditions.

Furthermore, I recognize that our communities and small businesses benefit when workers can join together for good paying jobs. By lifting up workers, the Workers Rights Amendment will benefit working families, businesses, and our state’s economy as a whole. 

I pledge I will work to ensure the Workers Rights Amendment passes in November 2022.