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On November 8th, Vote Yes for Workers' Rights

When we all do better, it makes Illinois stronger. This November, workers are on the ballot. Voting yes on the Workers’ Rights Amendment will update the Illinois constitution to guarantee every Illinoisan has the right to join together with other workers to negotiate for better pay, improved benefits, and safe working conditions.

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The Workers’ Rights Amendment is

Key to Illinois’ future

The Workers’ Rights Amendment will put more money in the pockets of workers who join together for negotiating raises, helping working families deal with rising costs while making our economy and our communities stronger.

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to help us make our workers, economy, and community stronger.

Explanation of Amendment

The proposed amendment would add a new section to the Bill of Rights Article of the Illinois Constitution that would guarantee workers the fundamental right to organize and to bargain collectively and to negotiate wages, hours, and working conditions, and to promote their economic welfare and safety at work. It would also prohibit from being passed any law that interferes with, negates, or diminishes the right of employees to organize and bargain collectively over their wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment and workplace safety. At the general election to be held on November 8, 2022, you will be called upon to decide whether the proposed amendment should become part of the Illinois Constitution.

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